How all started…

How we start the Club...

in Kos Island!

How all started:
Twelve years ago a friend of mine from U.S who really loved Greece and especially the islands of aegean, he expressed his willingness to marry the girl of his dream in Kos island. That sound nice and simple but proved very difficult and stressful. I helped him as much as I could with the paperwork and the various contingenciest that always occur.
It was then that I realized that many other people around us struggling hard in order to have such a ceremony for them self, but it was not easy to accomplish. It was than that I decided that I shoud hepl the people not to backing out of their dreams for ”formal-technical” reasons, like bureaucracy!
Since then I try to materialize their dreams and recently Ι decided to join my small forces with a very good and very experienced friend of mine, an expert in the field of tourism.
Thus was created the website you’re browsing this moment!
I wish to you and your loved ones, all the best and a prosperous future !!!
Thank you for your time,

The team of the Wedding Ceremony Club.

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